Task management

The module task management is the central element of qmBase. Tasks are created, responsibilities distributed and deadlines defined. In addition, tasks can be linked with claim/error reports, audits or goals. Dependencies between these individual elements can be easily displayed, what leads to more transparent processes. An example for more transparent processes, are identified deviations and possibilities for improvements in audits. Having the tasks linked to the audits makes it easy to implement a continuous improvement cycle. Thus, both the quality manager and the other employees in the company can easily track their actions and tasks.
In addition qmBase offers to categorize the measures and tasks. Possible categories could be:

  • Improvement measures
  • Preventive measures
  • Corrective actions

This module meets all the requirements of ISO 9001 in terms of documentation of activities of any kind.

Measure management Presentation of a project
  • Measure management filter
  • Measure management in the quality dashboard
  • Register Measures in measure managment
  • Projects in action management