More Time for the Important Challenges

Be more organized, achieve more.

qmBase is a modular software platform for a better organization of your business processes. It also takes care of your certified management system (e.g. ISO 9001).

One Platform, Many Apps

Choose your apps for a better organization of your work.

Audit Management

Act, don't react.




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Claim Management

Better through complaints.

Use customer feedback.

Improve processes.

Prevent errors.

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Strengthen customer orientation.

Recognize potential.

Maintain contacts.

Win customers.

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Dashboard & Reportings

Evaluations on demand.

Automate analyzes.

Save time.

Make better decisions.

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Document Management

Efficient document control.

Simply control documents.

Organize documents better.

Find documents faster.

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Employee Management

Manage employees efficiently.

Maintain job descriptions centrally.

Automate the creation of organizational charts.

Define substitution rules centrally.

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Form Generator

Build your own app.




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Goals & KPIs

Achieve corporate goals.

Announce goals.

Track progress.

Achieve more.

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Idea Management

Create innovations.

Motivate employees.

Increase sales.

Save costs.

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Maintenance & Test Equipment

Stay productive.

Automate maintenance planning.

Maintain business operations.

Work more efficiently.

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Process Management

Increase customer satisfaction.

Standardize processes.

Gain control.

Produce consistent results.

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Projects & Tasks

More control, more progress.

Lead teams.

Control tasks.

Work more productively.

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Risks & Opportunities

Seize opportunities, reduce risks.




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Trainings & Qualifications

Better teams, better results.

Recognize training needs.

Promote employees.

Work more successfully.

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All together, instead of everyone for themselves.

Preserve knowledge.

Share knowledge.

Grow together.

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For Those Who Want to Achieve More

What is your team?

Managers lead their teams more efficiently

Managers use the Projects & Tasks App in particular. The tasks of the employees are organized and the work progress can be traced at nay time. This means that management is always up to date even without team meetings. This asynchronous communication makes your company even more efficient.

The automatic evaluations of the Dashboard & Reporting App give management an overview of the current status of the company at all times.


ISO-fit with qmBase

The qmBase apps are specially designed for the requirements of common management systems.

Better organized with qmBase

Create the conditions for efficient work.

Collaborative Work

All content can be edited collaboratively and interactively.

Unified Data Collection

The basis for efficient data evaluation.

Automatic Evaluations

KPIs and graphic evaluations are available on demand.

Clear Responsibilities

Responsibilities are clearly defined and presented transparently.

Worldwide Availability

Access from anywhere:
No matter whether on a business trip or directly in your production hall.

Simple User Interface

Simple user interface that requires no training.

Asynchronous Working

Without meetings:
Query information whenever you need it.

Permanent Auditability

Impress your auditor:
All information available at all times in compliance with standards.

Clear Versioningg

Find what you're looking for:
No more countless parallel versions of a document.

Structuring Keywords

Beyond  folder structures:
Structure all content with keywords.

Unlimited Filter Options

Data as you need it:
One database, unlimited number of views.

Automatic Reminders

Don't miss any deadlines:
Automatic reminders for all content and tasks.

You Are in Good Company

qmBase enthusiastic customers from diverse industries
  • “I am super happy that we chose qmBase. It is a great support and drives our progress.”

    Sven Kuhfuss, Managing Director of Adelante Jugendhilfe GmbH
  • "The qmBase document management offers gigantic possibilities and this was also rated very positively in the customer audit."

    Simon Himmelsbach, quality and environmental management at Weidling GmbH
  • “qmBase made our entire document management significantly more transparent, leaner and more efficient.”
    Wolfgang von Hoffmann, quality management at Weerulin GmbH
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