Put an end
data chaos 

Less Excel.
Fewer meetings.
Easier ISO audits.

qmBase is the software for your management systems.
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"qmBase is a great work facilitator for us to get quality management out of the abstract and to really tap into the practical benefits for the company. "

Sven-Ove Wähling

Managing Director of Netzlink Informationstechnik GmbH

"The benefits are just immense because you're really connecting all parts of the business that have to do with quality in a meaningful way."

Dr. Richard Fechner
Managing Director of  WEERULINGmbH
"The single biggest advantage is the interconnection of all the apps. This simply leads to many savings in time, costs and resources. We use qmBase as a control center for our whole management process."
Christian Weidling
Managing Director of Weidling GmbH
200+ Unternehmen aller Branchen und Größen vertrauen bereits auf qmBase
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It's about more //
than just management systems

Finally //


The requirements of management systems are challenging. Use exactly the tools you need for your successful ISO certification.

Relieve your employees and convince your auditor.

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Also //
easier documentation


Put an end to chaotic drives, confusing documents and complicated tables.

Break out of the documentation chaos!

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Eventually //
better organized


Responsibilities, tasks, documents - How is your company organized?

Create more structure for yourself.

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In the end //


Asynchronous, why asynchronous? Imagine always having access to all information without having to ask for it - no meetings and no emails.

This is asynchronous communication.

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Get all the information about qmBase in the Software Tour.
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qmBase is a platform with many apps //
for many use cases

These and all other qmBase apps in the Software Tour.
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