The Easy Claim Management by qmBase

The Claim Management Software by qmBase offers the possibility to easily record and process all your customer complaints. With just a few clicks, you can record claims, link the necessary tasks and create complete 8D reports. Automatic evaluations of your claims help you to understand the correlations between complaints, products, causes of failure and failure costs. The Claim Management will help you to handle complaints considerably more efficiently.

Easy Logging of Complaints

  • Easy Claim Management Software
  • Tailor the data entry to your needs
  • Easy import of necessary masta data

With the Claim Management Software by qmBase you can easily record and process all your different claim types such as customer claims, internal claims and claims to suppliers.

All complaints are quickly recorded with all the necessary information. By default, this information includes the complaint type, the complaint date, the complaining organization as well as the contact person. Order numbers and the products and quantities claimed can also be directly recorded. In addition, the form can be supplemented with additional individual fields for information acquisition. Each complaint must be assigned to an employee responsible for the processing.

All master data necessary for the complaint collection can be easily imported into the Claim Management Software. Either via a CSV import or via a direct interface to an ERP system. This makes it easy to ensure that the Claim Management always accesses the most up-to-date master data.

Flexible Workflow for Handling Complaints

  • Easy worklflow to handle complaints
  • Link the cause of failure directly to claim
  • Link necessary tasks directly to claim
  • Filter complaints according to your requirements

Once a complaint has been recorded, it will be processed in a simple workflow. For all complaints it can be ascertained whether these are justified and how they are satisfied, e.g. by subsequent delivery, repair, return, discount, substitution etc.

In order to record and evaluate the causes of the complaints, any complaint can be linked to causes of failures. For the root cause analysis, either already known production failures can be selected from a failure list or a new failure can be recorded. For each complaint, the associated costs can be documented (labor costs, material costs, price reduction, other).

In order to actively process the complaints, the Claim Management Software offers the possibility to link the necessary task to the complaints right from the Task Management. These can either be selected from a list of existing tasks or can be created directly with the necessary description, completion deadline and responsible employee. This way, any complaint can immediately be assigned the necessary containment actions, corrective actions or preventive actions.

The processing of any complaint can be tracked via the processing status (open, in progress, completed). To further structure the processing of complaints and tasks, keywords can be assigned to any object. For a simple retrieval of the complaints and task the Claim Management can be filtered according to extensive criteria, e.g. keywords, deadlines, responsibilities, status, etc. These filters can be saved by the individual user and recalled at any time. This way the processing of the complaints can by structured individually by every company.

Automatic Evaluations of Claims

  • Rich automatic evaluations
  • More efficient information processing
  • Relief of the employees

All information that are recorder n the Claim Management tool, including products being claimed, claiming customers, costs of complaints and causes of claims are automatically evaluated in the Quality Monitor. The tool provides automatically a graphic presentation of all information. This way it can always be seen at a glance which products are claimed most frequently and which failures cause the highest costs. The presentation of these relationships and causalities helps to derive and prioritize the necessary actions.

Creating and maintaining comparable evaluations manually requires a lot of effort. With the Claim Management tool, the management always has access to the latest evaluation without or other executives have access to current evaluations without being reliant on the evaluations of employees. Thus, the qmBase Claims Management Software helps to process information more efficiently, to increase transparency within the company and to relieve employees.

Easy Generation of 8D-Reports

  • Generate 8D-Reports from existing information

A common tool for processing complaints and the necessary communication between customers and suppliers is the 8D-Report (Eight Disciplines Problem Solving), especially in the automotive sector. With the Claim Management Tool, you can easily generate an 8D-Report from existing data. All information for the different disciplines of an 8D report (team formation, problem description, containment actions, root cause analysis, corrective actions, verification of corrective actions, preventive actions, team and individual recognition) are already linked to the complaint.

Thus, the complete 8D-Report can be created, saved and exported as a PDF file with just a few clicks from the given information.

Normative Requirements for a Claim Management

  • Standard compliant claim management
  • Standard compliant recording of complaints and non-conformities
  • Recording and documentation of corrective actions and preventive actions

Only a few management systems work with the concept of customer complaints. This is obvious for quality management systems that deal with the production of products and customer satisfaction. The processing of complaints represents a key requirement in these management systems:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 – International Standard for Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 13485: 2016 – International Standard for Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices

Many other management systems that deal with non-production processes work with the concept of nonconformities. As with complaints, these are essentially deviations from the target state. Regardless of whether they are complaints or nonconformities, the requirements of different management systems are similar. It is required to research the cause of the deviation, to take corrective actions and to prevent the specific and similar deviations from recurring.

The Claim Management Software by qmBase is suitable for processing of customer complaints as well as for the documentation and processing of other nonconformities. In addition to the management systems mentioned above, Claim Management can therefore also support the efficient implementation of the following management systems:

  • DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015 – Internationaler Standard für Umweltmanagementsysteme
  • ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 – International Standard for Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 50001: 2015 – International Standard for Energy Management Systems