Protection against Coronavirus through Remote Work

No traffic jams and no train delays on the way to work. Flexible time management and less distraction from colleagues. These are just some of the advantages of Remote Work and home office. In the last few weeks another one has been added: less danger of contracting the corona virus.

Coronavirus and its effects on our everyday life

For a good three months now, there has been hardly any other topic than the disease COVID-19 and the pathogen SARS-CoV-2, which are only just beginning to dominate everyday life in several regions in China and now around the world. As of the 09th of March 2020, there are 110,086 infected people worldwide. Governments are calling for precautions to be taken, cleaning, and hygiene measures to be stepped up and major events to be avoided. In Italy, Japan, China, and South Korea there are lockdowns. Public events are canceled, museums, churches, and sports stadiums are closed.

Remote Work for market leader

Large corporations such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter have recommended that their employees in the USA, Europe, and Asia, their employees to work from home if possible. The ECB has tested whether its own IT infrastructure is sufficient to allow all its approximately 3,700 employees to work from home. According to current information, the novel virus has already killed over 4,000 people.

The majority would like a home office

According to a recent survey by the BVDW, the Federal Association for the Digital Economy, 58% of 1000 respondents in Germany would like to be able to work from home. And for most respondents, the introduction of Remote Work would also be feasible.

“Of the more than 1,000 respondents, 54.3 percent say that their employer would also be technically capable of doing this. In 45.7 percent of the cases, the employers are not yet ready for this.”

Advantages of Remote Work

Some German corporations, including BMW and Pro7, have already sent their employees to the home office.

The spread of the coronavirus could be significantly reduced by this measure. But Remote Work also offers further advantages:

According to this study, conducted by Nicholas Bloom of Stanford University, the productivity of employees working from the home office increases by 13%. In addition to higher productivity, a higher level of employee satisfaction was also proven.

Another factor is the reduction of costs, both for the employee and the company. The latter can reduce the costs for rent and IT and the employee saves on travel expenses. The possibility of working from home can also make the company attractive for future employees and thus help it to stand up to the competition.

How can Remote Work be introduced in the company?

With qmBase, the modular software platform, you not only have the opportunity to better organize your company and map your certified management system. It also makes it easier for you to establish asynchronous communication in your company and home office for your employees.

The software can be accessed from any Internet-capable end device and thus paves the way for location-independent working.

Choose the apps you need for your company from our range of functions. Thanks to the Document Management app, the necessary records and documents are always at hand; tasks and work progress are automatically communicated even without personal contact.

Projects and tasks are implemented in a targeted and efficient manner and collaborative work is also encouraged. Users of qmBase can edit content collaboratively and interactively. In addition, the software offers uniform data acquisition and automatic evaluations and current key figures.

Thus, qmBase paves the way for you to become a modern, dynamic, and successful company. If you would like to learn more or try out the software directly, please contact us.

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