The Easy Document Management by qmBase

With the rich functionality of Document Management software by qmBase, you have the ability to easily manage and control your business documents. The Document Management offers you simple processes for approving and versioning your documents. The Document Manager ensures that only the current version of a document is available and suitable for use where and when it is needed. The Document Manager provides the users with a single access point to search for documents.

Easy Document Management

  • Document Management Software
  • Manage and control your documents easily
  • Easy version control and control of changes
  • Categorize all documents with keywords

The Document Management System by qmBase is the central point of contact for all documents in your company. The documents can be purposeful managed and controlled within your company. Since this is a browser-based software, the availability of the documents is ensured at each site.

All the company’s documents can be easily organized in a folder structure. The integration of documents the Document Manager can either be done by an import of import-ready flies (MS Office documents, PDF, …) or through the creation and formatting of documents directly in the system.

The documents can be categorized using keywords, regardless of folder structure. Through the use of corresponding tags each document can simultaneously be assigned to several subjects. In this way the retrievability of a document is ensured in any context. Thus, a document may be assigned to a process, a product, a division and the quality management department at the same time.

Easy Versioning of Documents

  • Automatic assignment of version numbers
  • Approval process for documents
  • Automatic archiving of outdated documents
  • Automatic notifications for users about changes in documents

The Document Manager supports you with a simple and unique processes for approving and versioning your documents. The Document Management system ensures that only the latest version of the document is available to your employees, while the outdated versions are automatically archived.

All newly created or revised documents pass through an approval and release process. First, a three-digit revision number is assigned to the new document version (e.g., document version 1.0.1). The revision number shows the significance of the change of a document. Count up the last digit for a patch, the second digit for a minor change and the first digit for a major change. For each version of a document, a change log can be created to record the exact change history of a document.

After the assignment of the revision number one or more persons need to be selected to review and approve the new document version. Once the document is approved, it can be released. With the publication the new version the outdated version of the document is automatically withdrawn and archived. The Document Management System will preserve the outdated version, while ensuring that only the current approved version of the document is available. Users can be signed up to be automatically notified about the release of a new version of a document.

With the qmBase Document Management System you finally organize all your documents and the different document versions efficiently.

Visualize your Process Landscapes

  • Visualize process landscapes in the Document Manager
  • Link elements of process landscape directly to corresponding documents or processes
  • Visualize processes in documents

In the Document Management System, not only documents with plain text can be created. There is the possibility to include tables, pictures, links and many other elements. This results in the possibility not only to describe the processes of your company in the Document Manager but also to visualize the processes. There is even the possibility to visualize entire process landscapes and to design them optically appealing. The presentation of the process landscapes can be arranged complete freely. All your business processes can be organized according to any criteria, like management processes, core processes or core processes.

Each element in the Document Manager can link directly to any object inside or outside of the Document Management System. Therefore, any element from the process landscape can directly link to a different element like a process, a document or a folder.

This way the Document Manager provides for your employees a simple and process-oriented access to all documents of your company.

Get More Feedback on the Use of Documents

  • Complete evaluation of all activities of the Document Management
  • Usage statistics for every document
  • Collaborative enhancement of documents

The Document Management System by qmBase provides you with statistics on the use of each document. It is easy to monitor which documents are read a lot and which documents are read less. This is a great help in assessing the importance of documents to your business.

Creating and maintaining documents involves a lot of manual effort. If the documents are however not read the whole effort is futile. Usually, companies have no technical possibilities to understand if and how often the business documents are being read.

The Document Manager identifies the documents that are being read a lot or a little or not a all. a lot or not being read at all. This provides a basis to assess which documents must be continued and maintained in the future and which documents can be waived. In addition, each document can be rated and commented by the reader. Each document can be evaluated by the reader and commented. In this way, the documents can be collaboratively enhanced and better adapted to the needs of the readers.

The qmBase Document Management System supports a more efficient management, maintenance and enhancement of your business documents.

Normative Requirements for the Document Management

  • Change control for documents
  • Appropriate Labelling of Documents
  • Protection against unintentional or unauthorized changes
  • Ensuring distribution, access, discovery and use of documents

Many standards and management systems make extensive demands on the management, controlling, versioning, and release of documents. This includes appropriate labelling (among others: title, date, author or reference number) and appropriate review and approval of the documents. Also important is the monitoring of the documents and their changes in form of a version control. Documents must be adequately protected against loss of confidentiality, misuse, unintentional changes and loss of integrity. The availability and suitability for use, where and when it is need must be ensured.

The qmBase Document Management System supports the fulfilment of these requirements and is suitable for the successful implementation of the following management systems:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 – International Standard for Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 13485: 2016 – International Standard for Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices 
  • DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015 – Internationaler Standard für Umweltmanagementsysteme
  • ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 – International Standard for Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 50001: 2015 – International Standard for Energy Management Systems

An efficient Document Management System is essential for the successful implementation of a management system.