Wirksamkeitsbeurteilung mit qmBase

Effectiveness assessment using Custom Fields

In this article we deal with the question of how an effectiveness check or effectiveness assessment for measures can be efficiently recorded and documented with qmBase. With the help of custom fields, you can adapt your qmBase software to your own requirements easily and without programming. Custom fields are also suitable for recording and documenting your effectiveness tests for measures.

What we need the effectiveness assessment for

The performance of efficacy testing is an essential requirement of ISO 9001 and comparable management systems.  Effectiveness testing provides information on the extent to which the result achieved by an action is in line with the desired result.

In our software update to version 1.1.123, we have finally added custom fields in project and measure management.  The projects and task management helps you to efficiently control and track tasks within the company. If you plan measures also in connection with your management system, it is necessary to regularly evaluate and document the effectiveness of these measures.

How to assess the effectiveness of measures

If the measures relate to a process, effectiveness with the help of key figures is often obvious. In the long term, processes lead to regular results against which the effectiveness can be assessed.

Example: For example, we would like to reduce the processing time of complaints in the company. Currently, a complaint is processed and closed within 21 days on average. As a measure, we are introducing the qmBase claim management software in our company. After the introduction of the software, the average processing time will decrease in the long term to just 7 days. Our key figure falls from 21 to 7, so the situation has improved. Our measure is effective. As long as the processing time does not increase again, it is effective.

The effectiveness check is less clear if the measure is a single event. An objective assessment of effectiveness and long-term monitoring may then not be possible or meaningful.

Example: For tomorrow's recertification audit, the trainees clean up the training workshop. The biggest chaos is quickly eliminated. But how neat does it have to be for the measure to be effective? And how long does the measure remain effective? The effectiveness audit is probably carried out here according to the subjective perception of the workshop manager.

Despite these different effectiveness tests, you must find a way for your employees to document them as easily and efficiently as possible.

Documentation of the effectiveness of measures in qmBase

We have therefore developed Custom Fields for you! Custom Fields offer you the possibility to adapt the processing of measures exactly to your needs and requirements. Simply create additional fields in your measure management, in which the effectiveness assessment is queried exactly as you need it.

You simply create an additional selection field (dropdown field) with individual selection options:

Is the measure effective?

Answer options: Yes / No / effectiveness assessment not necessary

Besides, you create a text field in which the effectiveness assessment is justified.

Justification for the effectiveness assessment:

Answer: The processing time for complaints has been reduced from 21 to 7 days.

In this way you can easily document the effectiveness of all your measures. The requirements of your management system are thus easily fulfilled. Your auditor will be pleased.

    Wirksamkeitsbeurteilung mit Custom Fields

    Every company is different. Every effectiveness review is different. With Custom Fields you adapt qmBase exactly to your ideas and wishes. Custom fields are also available in many other qmBase apps.

    We would be happy to present all qmBase functions to you personally. All you have to do is contact us!

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