How to manage staff competencies effectively – Skill matrix

For any company it is important to keep track of the skills and knowledge of the employees. It is important to define the requirements placed on the employees and to determine the necessary training needs. An effective and practicable solution for these issues. qmBase supports your company in identifying the qualification requirements of its employees and planning the in-company training.

What is a qualification matrix?

The qualification matrix is a tool for comparing employee qualifications with the respective qualification requirements in a company. The matrix offers the possibility to visualize the competences of their employees, as well as to organize and administer trainings and further education easier. Due to its simple structure, our template offers an uncomplicated application and a high level of user-friendliness.

What is the purpose of a qualification matrix?

The qualification matrix records and visualizes relationships between the activities involved and the qualification requirements derived from them, the defined work area and the employees of a department. The qualification requirements are identified by the managers and described if necessary. The matching of these requirements with the actual qualifications of your employees results in the necessary training requirements. This is the basis for a targeted control of employee qualifications. This in turn serves the long-term preservation of your company.

How does the template for the qualification matrix work?

In order to assist you in controlling the qualifications of your employees, we provide you with a qualification matrix as an Excel template for download free of charge. The download of the qualification matrix template can be found at the end of the article. With the download of the excel template you take the first important step for a professional training management. In order to further professionalize the management of training, qualifications and competencies of your employees and to further reduce the workload, we would also like to refer to our software module Training & Qualifications.

In the following, we will explain the structure and operation of the qualification matrix from the Excel template. Once you have downloaded the Excel template, you can begin to document the employee skills and qualification requirements.


The first sheet of our Excel template is used to define the requirements catalog. The requirements are entered in the list together with a requirement category. Once you have entered the requirements, they appear on the second sheet in the template, Qualification Matrix. With the help of the qualification matrix the different requirements can be assigned and evaluated to the individual employees.


As an analytical tool to individually determine the necessary requirements and the qualifications of the employees, the personnel files, employee appraisals and staff appraisals can serve here. The gathering of these facts and data to evaluate the desired and the actual state is usually the responsibility of the managers of the respective areas or departments. It may therefore be appropriate to create an individual qualification matrix for each department.

How do I assess the employee qualifications in the Excel template?

On the second sheet of the Excel template, the data of the respective employee are entered in the box above the rating table. The rating table is divided into two columns where RL describes the requirement level and F in % describes the degree of fulfillment in percent. The requirement level gives you the opportunity to look more closely at the qualification requirements for individual employees. The values refer to the respective requirement in the left column. The fields in which no value has yet been entered are grayed out.


The evaluations of the qualifications of the individual employees can be found below the matrix. The average requirement competence in % for the respective qualifications can be found in the column to the right of the qualification matrix.


With our qualification matrix, you have the qualifications of your employees clearly arranged, individualized, summarized in one place. This allows for a reliable assessment of employee qualifications. You can use the results to see which employee has qualification or training needs.

The last page of our template provides you with an overview of the skills of your employees.


Click here to download the qualification matrix as excel template.

Download “Qualificationmatrix” Qualificationmatrix.xlsx – Downloaded 182 times – 52 KB

If you are looking for an integrated and easy-to-use solution for managing training and qualifications, we invite you to have a look at our training and qualification management. Click here for more information.

We wish you success!

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