2-Way Email Sync

Our 2-way email sync creates a built-in integration with your email account (Gmail, Outlook, and more).
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Connect your calendar app to qmBase to have the overview over all of your appointments.
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Custom integrations

Create your own integrations by accessing our API and reuse the data of qmBase in your own applications.
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2-Way Email Sync

qmBase offers 2-way email integration, which allows you to send emails from qmBase and automatically log the replies. qmBase will auto-log any email that appears in your Sent folder, even if it was sent from Gmail or your mobile phone, and emails sent from qmBase will automatically appear in your Sent folder.

By connecting your email account with qmBase (via IMAP/SMTP), you can send emails within the app or continue using your current email client. Setup is extremely easy, and qmBase will begin to automatically track email threads with any contacts you have in your organization.

When sending emails through your current email client (ex: Outlook, Mail.app, Gmail.com) there's no need to BCC qmBase. The email thread will automatically show up in the activity feed for any lead that you have the recipient's email address as a contact.

To set up or change your email settings, head to your profile and go to the Email Settings page.

2-Way Email Integration Includes

  • qmBase Inbox which stays in-sync with your email account's inbox
  • View inbound and outbound email messages
  • Notifications for inbound email messages
  • Send emails within the app (new, reply, forward, drafts, CC, BCC)
  • Email Templates
  • Email attachments
  • Reporting for emails sent and received


qmBase allows you to create many events that have a deadline. To keep track of all these activities you can subscribe the qmBase Calendar and integrate the appointments in your own existing calendar.

Create your own integrations

Connect your existing apps to qmBase and reuse the data stored in qmBase. Problems related to synchronization will no longer exist.