The Easy Corporate Wiki

With the Company Wiki of qmBase you offer your employees a platform to share special knowledge and to collaborate in the documentation of the company’s necessary knowledge. With the help of keywords, all articles in the company wiki can be categorized and a high retrievability of all information is ensured.

Efficient distribution of information inside your organization

  • Central platform for all employees
  • All information is easily retrievable
  • Everyone can share information themselves
  • Structuring the company wiki with keywords

qmBase’s corporate wiki provides a one-stop-shop for all important information for your employees. Each employee has the opportunity to either read articles or write new articles in order to make their own knowledge available to their colleagues.

To ensure that all information is as easy to retrieve as possible, all articles can be tagged with keywords. This way every article in the company wiki can be assigned to any number of topics. Thanks to the intuitive filter function, all information is available in a very short time. The effort for time-consuming research is completely eliminated.

Only the most recent versions of the articles are available

  • Automatic assignment of version numbers
  • Automatic archiving of old articles
  • Recording the change history

The company wiki has a simple workflow for automatically versioning the articles. Each time an article is revised in the company wiki, a new revision number is automatically assigned. Old versions of the article are archived automatically. Only the latest version of every article is available to the employees.

Due to the change history, it is always transparent for each article how the content has evolved over time.

Only proved information is publicly available

  • Release processes for new and updated articles
  • The Two-man-rule guarantees quality of information

All employees can write their own articles to share their knowledge with the rest of the staff. Nevertheless, you retain control over the quality of information in the company wiki. Each new article and version of an article undergoes a release process before it becomes publicly available. Only employees with special permissions have the option to release articles. This ensures that every new piece of information is subject to the two-man-rule. This ensures a consistently high level of information quality in your company wiki.

The company wiki supports you in the implementation of your management systems

  • Assists in maintaining and providing the required knowledge
  • Supports compliance with management systems

In general, management systems do not explicitly require a company wiki. Nevertheless, such a wiki can be a great support. The ISO 9001: 2015 e.g. demands to determine, maintain and provide the required knowledge of the company. A central platform on which all employees can retrieve the required information in its latest version represents a great support for the compliance with the management system.