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Gather Lessons Learned with qmBase efficiently

Lessons Learned refers to the knowledge and experience gained from projects, which should serve as recommendations for future projects. The documentation of this experience knowledge thus represents an interface between project management and knowledge management. For a successful implementation, it's necessary to have systematic and accessible documentation of your experience knowledge. We show you how you can do this using qmBase.

What did we learn from the last project? Which methods and processes have you tried and tested, what didn't go so well and where are the sources of error? Almost every project leads to new experiences, knowledge, and insights. Lessons Learned is about systematically documenting and condensing this knowledge and making it as easily accessible as possible to employees and colleagues. Over time, this creates a knowledge database from which the entire company benefits.

What exactly are Lessons Learned?

After the completion of a project or even after the achievement of important milestones, the findings and experiences that may prove useful in future projects are documented. The experiences documented in the lessons learned can be both positive and negative. It is just as helpful to document those procedures and processes that have proven themselves as well as those that have not. The aim is to gain experience and insights, establish best practices, and avoid repeating mistakes.

The advantages of structured documentation of lessons learned are obvious. However, the question of implementation arises. How can the documentation be designed so that the lessons learned are accessible and findable for all employees?

We have already described how you can map your knowledge management with qmBase in previous articles. These articles are currently only available in German, but we are permanently working on translating more articles for you.

How to document Lessons Learned with Custom Fields in qmBase

Custom Fields are an easy way to customize your qmBase system to your requirements.

Use the Custom Fields of the Project & Task Management for the documentation of your experience. Open the settings for Project & Task Management and call up the Custom Fields menu item. Create a new custom field with the name Lessons Learned. Choose the type Text field. This creates a new custom field with a text field to describe your project experience.

How to implement Lessons Learned in the qmBase Software

How to create Lessons Learned in the qmBase Software

This new custom field is now available for every task. So if you have an experience or knowledge that needs to be documented, select the custom field and describe it. In this way, you can directly document the lessons learned for each action. All documented information and the associated tasks are also directly visible to other employees. You can use the filter function in Project & Action Management to search and filter all entries to find each entry as required.

How to complete Custom Fields for Lessons Learned

How to complete Custom Fields for Lessons Learned

This allows you to create a structured documentation for your Lessons Learned super fast.

Consolidate the knowledge gained with the Wiki

Over time you will gain many important insights with your Lessons Learned. There comes a time when it becomes necessary to aggregate and condense this different information. The numerous experiences gained from the various projects and measures should, therefore, be brought together in a uniform compendium. The Wiki offers you the ideal opportunity to do this. Summarize the findings from the Lessons Learned thematically in individual Wiki entries. To identify the source, link directly from the entries to the corresponding measures. In this way, you always know which employees and colleagues originally gained the insights, in case you have further questions.

Assign suitable keywords in the Wiki so that you can see directly what each entry refers to and what it is about, for example:

Lessons Learned Project management

Condense Lessons Learned using the qmBase Wiki

Condense Lessons Learned with the qmBase Wiki

If you now filter your Wiki by the keyword Lessons Learned your complete reference book with all important experience values will be displayed directly.

This is how simple and efficient your knowledge management can be! Do you have any questions left open or would you like to test qmBase yourself? Get in contact with us!

If you want to know what else you can do with Custom Fields: just click here!

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