The Easy Task Management by qmBase

The qmBase task management software (or action management software) gives you the opportunity to plan, structure and track tasks, actions and projects in your company. Individual actions may be linked with other objects such as e.g. complaints or audits. The transparency of your company will be significantly increased. Actions and projects can be implemented in a more purposeful and efficient way.

Easy Task Management

  • Easy task management software
  • Plan and document tasks
  • Link tasks as corrective actions or preventive actions to other objects
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of actions

Tasks are created with description, responsibilities and deadlines. Optionally, the tasks can be broken down into further subtasks using a checklist. The progress status of each task is transparent at all times. After completion of a task the effectiveness can be evaluated.

The task management software automatically informs all employees by e-mail about the task to be done and the upcoming deadlines.

The task management is a central and connecting element in the qmBase software. Many other objects from qmBase can be assigned directly or linked to one or more tasks or actions:

The task management software helps to transparently document how task are related to other events, such as: audits, opportunities & risks, complaints or trainings.

Easy Project Management

  • Easy Project Management Software
  • Tasks are merged into projects
  • The progress of projects is automatically aggregate and evaluated

The task management software by qmBase allows to aggregate tasks with a common objective into projects. The progress of a project and the tasks bundled therein are evaluated aggregated. The creation of new projects works in a similar way to the creation of a new task or action: for each project, a description is recorded, a deadline is set and the responsibility is distributed.
To each project can be assigned any number of tasks. The tasks for a project can either be selected from a pool of existing actions or new tasks can be can be recreated directly in the project. Both the progress of the project as a whole and the progress of the individual employees are automatically evaluated.

Efficient Structuring of Projects and Tasks

  • Categorize all tasks and projects with keywords
  • Extensive filter functions: Filters for individuals, entire teams and departments
  • Task management dashboard

To structure a possible variety of projects and tasks and in order to better retrieve these objects tags (keywords) can be assigned to all objects and an extensive filter function is available.

To each project and every task can be assigned any number of keywords to catalogue the objects according to several criteria in parallel. In this way tasks can be labelled for instance as actions for improvement actions, corrective actions or preventive actions. In the same time projects and tasks can be assigned to individual company divisions, locations or management systems et cetera. Even the prioritization of projects and tasks can be done by assigning corresponding tags to the tasks and projects.

All projects and tasks in the task managements software can be filtered according to different criteria like responsibilities, deadlines, progress and keywords. Every user can save their own filters, so called Smart Views, and retrieve them at any time with only one click. This allows each user to structure the content of the task management software individually. Smart Views can also be used to create filters for the tasks and projects of entire teams or departments. Thus, every department manager or team leader can always monitor all projects and tasks of his employees.

Especially for the management, the automated evaluations of the quality dashboard are interesting. All projects and task of the task management are evaluated and graphically processed. This gives the management the opportunity to inform itself about the progress of all projects and tasks with no effort. The management is independent of the status reports of the employees.

Normative Requirements for the Task Management

  • Standard-compliant task management software
  • Corrective actions and preventive actions related to complaints and nonconformities
  • Actions to address risks and opportunities
  • Actions to support continual improvement
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of actions

Numerous standards and management systems make extensive demands in terms of planning, implementation, documentation and the evaluation of the effectiveness of actions. The task management software by qmBase helps you meet all necessary requirements and to demonstrate compliance with the requirements to third parties. The task management software by qmBase is suitable for a successful implementation of the following management systems:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 – International Standard for Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 13485: 2016 – International Standard for Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices
  • DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015 – Internationaler Standard für Umweltmanagementsysteme
  • ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 – International Standard for Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 50001: 2015 – International Standard for Energy Management Systems

In particular, corrective actions and preventive actions related to complaints and nonconformities are essential requirements of these management systems. Many standards require actions to address risks and opportunities. Actions must also be planned, implemented, documented and evaluated in order to control the management systems, to achieve its objectives and for a continual improvement. In addition, actions are also required as an output from the management review. Therefore, an efficient task management is essential for the successful implementation of management systems.