Why qmBase?

Many companies spend too much time on self-organisation and too little time on customers.

With a better process organisation you create more freedom for the things that really count, for example your customers.

qmBase creates the conditions for more efficient work with its numerous apps.

Save time through better distribution of information, fewer meetings, easier coordination, more collaborative work... more efficient processes!

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The preconditions for efficient work

Therefore, you work more efficiently with qmBase.

Collaborative Work

All content can be edited collaboratively and interactively.

Unified Data Collection

The basis for efficient data evaluation.

Automatic Evaluations

KPIs and graphic evaluations are available on demand.

Clear Responsibilities

Responsibilities are clearly defined and presented transparently.

Worldwide Availability

Access from anywhere:
No matter whether on a business trip or directly in your production hall.

Simple User Interface

Simple user interface that requires no training.

Asynchronous Working

Without meetings:
Query information whenever you need it.

Permanent Auditability

Impress your auditor:
All information available at all times in compliance with standards.

Clear Versioningg

Find what you're looking for:
No more countless parallel versions of a document.

Structuring Keywords

Beyond  folder structures:
Structure all content with keywords.

Unlimited Filter Options

Data as you need it:
One database, unlimited number of views.

Automatic Reminders

Don't miss any deadlines:
Automatic reminders for all content and tasks.