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Erstellung frei definierbarer Formulare

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Interne und externe Personen zum Ausfüllen von Formularen einladen

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Automatische Erinnerungen zum regelmäßigen Ausfüllen von Formularen

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Automatische Auswertungen und Reportings zu Formularen

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Einbindung von Formularen in anderen Apps

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CRM Software
CRM Software

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Automatic evaluations for systematic corporate management

Use Dashboard & Reporting for better decisions.

Automatic dashboards

Evaluations for all qmBase apps

Der Formulargenerator dient dazu ganz eigene und individuelle Formulare für Ihre Unternehmen zu erstellen. Die Anwendungsbereiche sind dabei genauso vielfältig wie die Anforderungen Ihres Unternehmens. Die Formulare des Formulargenerators können überall dort zum Einsatz kommen, wo Informationen regelmäßig einheitlich erfasst werden sollen. Dabei kann es sich z.B. Handeln um die Wareneingangskontrolle, Reinigungsprotokolle oder um unternehmensinterne Umfragen und Abstimmungen handeln.

Automatic evaluations for systematic corporate management

Use Dashboard & Reporting for your management review.

Support for management evaluation

Better preparation for audits

Management systems generally explicitly do not require comprehensive automatic evaluations of all activities associated with the management system.

However, almost all management systems require regular management assessments or management reviews. In these reviews, the system as a whole and the activities associated with it must be assessed. A central information system with automatic evaluations of the activities simplifies the preparation and execution of these evaluations considerably.

Release and versioning process for all articles

Stay in control of the quality of your corporate wiki.
Wiki Software Release Process

Workflow for the release of articles

Automatic versioning of all articles


The qmBase Wiki software has a simple workflow for the release and automatic versioning of all articles. If an article is revised in the company wiki, a new revision number is automatically assigned. Old versions of the article are automatically archived, while employees only have access to the latest version. Employees are automatically informed about the new version.

Thanks to the revision history, it is always possible to transparently track how the content has developed over time for each article.

Extensive filter & search functions

Find all the articles you are looking for.
Article filtering and searching in the company wiki

Search for different parameters

Find articles faster

The qmBase enterprise wiki software offers different approaches to search and filter your articles.

Use the regular search to search for the title of articles. Use the advanced search for further search criteria. A full text search, a search by author and publication date or by keywords is available. Combine keywords to narrow down the search results until you find the right article.

Set up links in the Wiki properly and permanently

Links always lead to the latest version of your articles.
Link articles permanently in the company wiki

Stable links between all articles

Automatic support for the linking of articles


Frequently there are links to articles on the company wiki. Either because an article refers to another article or because an article is linked to from outside the wiki.

With the qmBase Wiki software, these links are permanently stable. The links always refer to the latest version of the article.

When writing the articles, you are automatically supported in selecting the right links. Incorrect links are excluded.

Automatic documentation for your management system

Everything you need for your certification.
Detail page for articles in Wiki

ISO 9001 and comparable management systems require that necessary knowledge be maintained and made available to employees to the extent necessary.

The qmBase company wiki offers you exactly this functionality and supports you in implementing your management system. Your auditor will be delighted.

Support for your management system

Excite your auditor